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Service Dogs & Therapy Dogs

Service Dogs are animals that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities such alerting people that are deaf, pulling wheelchairs, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, or performing specific task for individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders, special tasks for persons with physical disabilties such as turning on lights, opening doors, and getting help, The dog is individually trained to help a person with disabilties to enhance their lives, improve their activities of daily living, and improve their independence.   Service dogs are working dogs and NOT Pets.. Under the Americans with Disability Act businesses and organizations that serve the public must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animal into all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go. Refusal to provide equal access is a federal civil rights violation and violators can be required to pay monetary damages & penalties.

Therapy Dogs are not service dogs and do not fall under the ADA Laws.  The dogs are trained to provide affection, entertainment and comfort to individuals in such places as VA & other hospitals, support and learning centers, retirement homes, hospices, schools to provide assistance in reading programs, Therapy Dogs are finding their ways into courtrooms to provide comfort and providing comfort to disasters victims.  The dogs must love being handled in a variety of ways & environments, overcome many sounds & erratic movements, handle a variety of smells & odors, as well as comfortable around wheelchairs, cane, crutches, walkers and other adaptive equipment.  A visti from a Therapy Dog demonstrates a calmness, happiness, and overall emotional feeling of well-being in the patients they visit.  Therapy dogs have been known to lower high blood pressure and enhance recovery in patients they visit.  They play a vital role in the special needs community.

Service Dog Students

  • .This is a team training program where you and your dog train together to become a Service Dog Team.


Must be temperament tested and approved by the Director of Training to be in the program.


An application must be filled out and returned to the School for admittance considerations to the program.

Services the School offers:
* Service Dog Graduation Certificate
* Therapy Dog Graduation Certificate

To Include but not limited to:

* AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy - Test
* AKC Canine Good Citizen - Test
* Public Access Testing    
* Manners and Obedience Testing

Group classes or Private Instruction


Dogs speak to us everyday but we just have not learned how to listen. We teach you to listen to what your dog has to say. Through body language your dog tells us everything we need to know to make life with our canine the best.

Whether you come to us to become a Service Dog or Therapy Dog Team you will receive the best our trainers can offer. We are committed to bridging the communication gap that all too often results in either the dog being euthanized or sent off to a rescue for placement when, with training and exercise this relationship could have been harmonious. We must teach our canine friends proper manners

Our Service Dog and Therapy Dog Program

Our program teaches the veteran, person with disabilities and Therapy Dog handler how to train their own service dog/therapy dog using positive training techniques. With patience, understanding, love and time your dog will learn through positive reinforcement. Given the proper environment, cues, and communication; all the things your dog needs to learn to assist his/her partner or enhance the life of person with speical needs can be achieved.  By training your own service/therapy dog you have an understanding as to how your dog learns and after graduation as your needs change you have the ability to teach your dog even more skills to help you and others.  The school does not abandon you after graduation, you can join LADS Brush Up Club where you can get assistance with more training, have your dog tested for more skill awards, stay part of the Leashes family and visit/mentor new students by helping in their class/field trip.  Students find that staying involved keeps their dog attentive on learning and dogs love to help new dogs learn.    

Our program was developed out of the love I have for my service dog, Heidi. She taught me anything is possible with love, kindness, understanding and patience. 


Service Dog Team


Pictured above is me (Terri) and my service dog Heidi (standard Poodle), we graduated from Leashes for Living Assistance Dog School, Inc in March 2005. My disabilities decreased my confidence and ability to function on a daily basis. I felt isolated indoors and felt vunerable and uncomfortable leaving the house without my husband Lynn. We were introduced to this program and it was life changing. Heidi & I go shopping and for walks. Here a few things that Heidi does for me.

1) Helps me get dresses/undressed.
2) Turns lights on/off including touch lamps
3) Retrieves dropped items
4) Retrieves paper from printer, items from counters, and other out of reach areas.
5) Unzips purses retrieving medicine & wallet; gives money to clerk & returns with change
6) Opens refrigerator & gets things asked for
7) Opens/shuts doors, pushes buttons to automatic doors & elevators
8) Helps with shopping; gets things out of freezer, off shelves & places items in cart
9) Helps with laundry & housecleaning
10) Picks up her toys & puts them away
11) Goes & gets help when I needs assist
12) Loves going to restaurants, flying & cruises
13) Loved Disneyland; we were able to go on some of the rides (wheelchair & dog) Yippee!! 

The list goes on.  Heidi loves to learn. 

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